referral promo

so, here's the deal:

for every person you refer that joins house seats (regardless of the membership level they choose) you will earn 1 free month of membership. so, if you refer 1 new member you'll get an extra month of membership free, 2 new members, 2 more months of membership, free. 12 new members, you get an additional years membership.

PLUS...when you refer your first 6 new members, you will also receive a $75 gift certificate to DW Bistro, an exiciting new hot spot in South Summerlin.

BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER! refer your first 10 new members and you will also receive *2 tickets (*based upon availability) to the show of your choice! pretty cool, huh?

here are the particulars:

  • referral promotion is for current house seats members in good standing with a membership level of open house, two seater or full house only. referrals made prior to 6/7/07 will not count towards this promotional event.
  • referrals will be credited one time only, if a member was credited for a referral and that membership expires and then re-joins, no referral bonus will be earned or given.
  • to refer your friends just click the "refer a friend" link at the top of the page or to the right, fill it out and send it to all your friends. your friends can use the link to join and it the referral will automatically be tracked to your account! you must be a house seats member and be logged in to your account to access the refer a friend link
  • if the referral link is not utilized, the new member MUST put your name (the actual house seats member name) in as the referral source when they join house seats. if they do not, (say they put the spouse of the member's name as referral source) you will not get credit for the referral.
  • free membership months earned will be credited to your account by the 15th of the following month.
  • dinner gift certificates earned will be sent to you by the 15th of the following month provided we have your current address.
  • show tickets earned will be provided to you as arrangements are made, depending upon the show chosen and availability. we will personally work with each member achieving this level of reward personally in order to expedite the reward. holidays and certain blackout dates are unavailable.
  • only one restaurant gift certificate and one show ticket reward may be earned by each member, subsequent referrals reaching these reward levels earn a free month of membership only.
  • new members of any membership level, upon joining house seats, are also eligible to participate and refer members in to earn prizes.
  • referral contest open to current house seats members with paid membership only. referrals made by non-members will not count towards rewards and are not redeemable for such.

so, what are you waiting for? shout it from the your friends, family, heck - help the lady in line behind you in the grocery store - join house seats, and start earning your rewards NOW!